Colorado Midge Hatch: Winter


Fly Fishing during the winter months often consists of the same set up day after day and that setup generally includes a bobber and some type of midge imitation. Of course changing out your lead egg fly for a small BWO or Stonefly occurs but 90% of the time we are staring at a bobber waiting for a strike. And why wouldn’t we? this is an extremely effective method to get the rod bent and the net wet. But there are those times when the mercury rises to the right temperature and we start to see rising fish. Timing these sometime short periods can be difficult but when it happens we are allowed to cast dries in the middle of winter to rising trout. This happens a lot on tailwater rivers where water temperature is more consistent but we also see a lot of surface activity on freestone rivers like, the Roaring Fork and Eagle River. Both of these drainages can create some amazing midge hatches and sometimes they are significant enough to bring, what seems like, every fish to the surface. During the last few weeks of warm weather I brought my camera instead of a fly rod and tried to capture trout eating naturals during the peak of the day. It was interesting to observe their behavior and it was also challenging not to spook the fish such low clear water. All of these fish we filmed along the Eagle River in different locations and while I wasn’t able to find a prolific midge hatch there were enough bugs on the water to keep it consistent. This is something that we are fortunate enough to have here in Colorado, I know anglers back East who would love to be able to cast dries year round to rising trout. Although it can be a total pain in the rear to change your whole set up for a couple rising fish give it a try the next time you see a few risers. It can be a very rewarding experience to catch a trout selectively eating midges off the surface….in the middle of winter.

Swinging For Trout

I stumbled upon this video earlier today and thought it was worth a share. As many of you know swinging flies is becoming very popular and it is not just for Steelhead and Salmon. Lighter weight spey rods and switch rods can be an excellent tool for swinging leaches on larger western rivers. There are some great slow motion shots of spey casting in this short video from scum line media.

Switch it Up from scumliner media on Vimeo.

Winter MIdges: Fly Tying Video

Although it burns my throat to say it, Winter is here bringing dry skin, chapped lips, short days and midges. Although the winter in Colorado is a thousand times better than many other places around the country it can still be long and dreadful at times. But, despite the cold an angler can have some unbelievable days on the water. While most of our freestones can be hit or miss this time of year, Colorado’s Tailwaters allow us to feed the fishing bug all winter long. Fish tend to key in on Midges during this time of year on both tailwaters and freestone rivers alike. These small little morsels can be very abundant at times and fish will gorge themselves on them.

My good friend Bob Streb aka Bobber just put together this short video about tying midge patterns and how to add bling to any basic midge imitation. Bobber is a very good fly tier and comes up with some pretty clever patterns to trick those pesky trout on the Eagle River. Take a peak at this fly tying video and get some ideas for tying midge patterns.

In The Loop

I have been following Skinny Water Culture for the past 18 months or so and really enjoy their posts and “style.” Their grass roots apparel business offers a variety of fishy designs on t-shirts, hats and other clothing. They seem to have a fun group of fly fishermen around Florida that seem to be having a good time, and in my mind that’s what fishing is all about. The video below was shared on their facebook page recently and I thought it was a tasty edit. The Florida Backcountry is such an interesting place and it is clearly displayed in this short video.

“In the Loop” by Dan Decibel from DAN DECIBEL on Vimeo.

GEOBASS – Columbia

The boys from MOTIV Fishing have released their first episode of GEOBASS. It takes place deep in the Columbian interior as they search for Peacock Bass. The group plans on rolling out more episodes as they search for Bass in wild places around the world.

Griffith’s Gnat: Fly Tying Video

I saw this fly tying video on Chi Wulff a few days ago and thought it was fitting for the time of year. The Griffith’s Gnat has been getting a lot of time on the water this winter/spring. We are seeing fish rise to midges during the warmest part of the day and the Griffith’s Gnat has been tricking a few of them. This is a great fly to imitate a midge cluster when trout are feeding on tiny tiny midges and it also works well this time of year when bigger midges start to hatch. If you are headed out this weekend I would be sure to have some of these patterns in your fly box, your probably going to run into some rising fish.