Fly Fishing Colorado: Superbowl Weekend

The weatherman is calling for 15-30 inches of snow in the high country over the next 3 days and from where I sit he might be accurate this time. I- 70 is closed in Vail, CO and it is snowing so hard I cannot see across the yard. So where to go fishing this weekend? How about the Bahamas. Oh man that sounds nice. Warm sand, tailing bonefish and no problems.

No Snow There.

Since the Bahamas is probably not in the cardsĀ  I would recommend staying on the front range. The roads are going to be a mess from all this weather and for some reason snowflakes make people drive like teenage girls. Find some water close to home and fish it. If you are a high country dweller like me pick a local river and go. With all this fresh powder “brah” the lift lines will be packed and the river will be empty. Go Broncos.