Leader Connections: Tippet Rings

What is a Tippet Ring? Well a tippet ring is a way for anglers to extend the life of their leaders.tippet ring It allows you to connect larger diameter line to smaller diameter line. For example, if you have a leader that is getting short and do not want to build it out by connecting 1x to 3x to 5x etc. you can connect your tippet rig to your leader and then attach a smaller diameter line (tippet) to the opposite end. This can aid anglers by saving time on the river. Instead of tying multiple knots to lengthen your leader you only need to tie 2 knots. A pack of them will run you between $4- $8 bucks and come around 10 to a pack.

Now lets take a look at a pack of barrel swivels which are pretty much the exact same thing but are black-barrel-swivelcalled swivels instead of tippet rings. A pack of 72 is 5 bucks. I have never used a tippet ring so I cannot talk trash about them. Some guys use them and like the ability to quickly change leader lengths. I have used barrel swivels in the past and they work well when nymphing deep in areas with a snaggy bottom. They also help prevent your line from twisting. I guess I am old fashion in that I like to lengthen my leaders with surgeons knots and use my old shortened leaders for streamer setups. If any of you have used tippet tinges please chime in and give us your opinion.