Colorado Fly Fishing: Weekend Hot Spots

With all the recent snowfall over the past 10 days what are you going to do this weekend? Hit the lift lines or enjoy a quite river. That is a tough call but with two days off I am sure you can find time for both. If you find yourself in the Vail Valley much of the Lower Eagle River is open and fishing well. The “hood” on the Lower Eagle has easements and a lot of water to fish. Bring your midges but don’t be afraid to dredge some bigger bugs down deep. I will be on the Eagle for the next couple days so you might run into me.

Rainbow Trout Colorado
Rainbow Trout Colorado

If your are in Aspen, the The Roaring Fork River has been weather dependent. The upper stretches have some ice and fishing has been slow. I would still give it a go if you are in the Roaring Fork Valley. Tie on a MIcro May Nymph and hit the pockets on the upper river. The Frying Pan is rocking as normal. Get there early. With the weather forecast being sunny and warm I am sure the Frying Pan will be busy.

Brown Trout - Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout – Rainbow Trout

Front Rangers the South Platte River is fishing decent. The flows below Eleven Mile have bumped a bit which should get some fish and aquatic insects moving around. Blue-winged olives and midges should get you a tug on the string.



Wherever you go have fun and be safe. You can always check the fly fishing reports when you are looking for river updates.

Halloween Fly Fishing: Colorado

Happy Halloween to all you spooky anglers out there. Where you fly fishing this weekend?


Winter might rear it ugly head for a couple days this weekend so staying close to the front range might be the better fly fishing choice. Arkansas River Fly Fishing Reports have been rock solid with a lot of Blue Winged Olive activity near Salida and South. Flows are low and clear but the Brown Trout are real aggressive chowing BWO’s and streamers.  If you go try nymphing with a bead head prospecting nymph like a pheasant tail or prince then trail a BWO or midge emerger behind. This has been a good set-up during the cooler parts of the day. Once the water warms expect to see the fish get a bit more aggressive. This is a good time to start head hunting with dries or move streamers through pocket water. Saturday is supposed to be the better weather day so get out and enjoy before everything turns to midging under a bobber.  Hot patterns to have would be sparkle wing RS2, Barrs BWO emerged, Small Black Sculpzilla and Natural Slump Buster.



October: Fly Fishing Report


Winter has made an entrance dropping the temps as well as some snow in the high country. This has cooled things off and made fishing tough for the past few days. Temps are supposed to rise over the next few days and get back into the 60’s by Saturday. These warmer temps will quickly melt the low lying snow and could turn some rivers off color. Keep that in mind as you choose where to fish over the weekend. Fly Fishing Reports around Colorado have been good, with many of our drainages seeing BWO, PMD and Midge Hatches. With the cooler morning temps I would focus on the slower deep pools until the water warms up and you start to see some surface activity. Moving streamers, as you know, is also a good prospecting technique if nymphing is not doing the trick. The Brown Trout are getting very aggressive and some have started to pair up for the fall spawn, so mind your step. The crowds in the ski towns like Vail, Aspen and Steamboat have vanished and it is a great time to get cheap deals at local hotels and restaurants. With the cheaper “shoulder season” prices it is a good time to visit one of these ski town areas and fish the water that surrounds them. The Yampa in Steamboat is fishing well top to bottom, with fish keyed in on Streamers and BWO’s. The same goes for the Roaring Fork Valley and Vail Valley. Blue Wings are dominating the scene but with these chilly temps do not forget your midges.


Colorado Run Off: Fly Fishing Outlook

If you are considering making a trip to the high country this weekend in hopes of finding trout your chances are pretty slim. Water levels are very very high and water clarity is poor. Reports on the Upper Colorado near pump house have been ok, but with the water levels over 6,000 CFS I am skeptical. Your best bet is to stick to the south platte drainage and focus on soft seams and pocket water. A gentlemen was kind enough to e-mail us a good report from 11 Mile Canyon. Rainbow_Trout_COAs always this is a great time to experiment with bigger lead flies while nymphing and don’t be afraid to shorten the leader and move those streamers along the banks. Despite the water being off color and high, fish still have to eat and are opportunistic feeders. If you are stripping streamers always keep moving and hit as much water as you can. If a fish does not take your presentation on the first attempt find another zone. Sooner or later you will find an aggressive fish who is willing to commit. Black Streamers stand out very well against the off color water as well as purple and yellow. Be safe out there the water is swift.


Colorado Fly Fishing Forecast: March

If you have been spending your time on the ski hill this spring and are looking for some new action, dig out the waders and get on the water. Tailwater Rivers, like the Blue and Frying pan, as well as Freestones, like the Eagle and Roaring Fork are fishing great.  This is a great time to catch rising fish in slow water and find aggressive Browns in fast pocket water. hookedupBut, with great fishing comes heavier crowds. I would advise anglers looking for a spot to fish this weekend to get out earlier than you have been. Although the best fishing has been 11am through the afternoon. There are a lot of guided trips getting out earlier and crowding the water. If you do find that your favorite spots have multiple trucks on them don’t get discouraged. Go explore a different part of the river and try a new technique. I find that when the river is crowded it is best to find pocket water and hit all the fishy spots with streamers. You will be amazed at what you will find. Fish that live in these areas do not get the same amount of pressure and tend to be very aggressive. This can also take you out of your element and make you worked harder for your fish and tune up your angling skills.

Egle River Rainbow TroutHot flies have been many BWO nymphs like the Micro May and Bars Emerger as well as RS2’s and JuJu Baetis. If you find a pod of risers a Parachute Adams has been taking a lot of trout rising in slow water. If that gets refused a midge cluster will do the trick. As far as streamers go big and black bugs like the Sex Dungeon and Sculpzilla have been getting a lot of looks. Have fun out there and try exploring new water.