NOLA Redfish Release

March has gone out like a Lion here in Colorado bringing us more winter instead of spring. This cold snap had me thinking of our recent Redfish Trip to New Orleans earlier in the year. So, I went into the archives and watched some video clips from our trip. I stumbled across this shot of Matthew Burkett releasing a nice Redfish in the NOLA Marsh. This is a great trip for Freshwater anglers who are new to Saltwater Fly Fishing. The New Orleans Redfish are very eager to inhale your fly and offer many casting opportunities throughout the day. Unlike other saltwater fish trips where there can be a lot of waiting in between shots, NOLA Redfish are plentiful and will have you making multiple casts when its your turn on the bow. Be sure to look up Miles LaRose of Shallow South before booking your Redfish Fly Fishing Trip.