Dr Slick: Long Nose Pliers

I purchased a pair of the Barracuda Pliers from DR Slick about 6 years ago prior an AK trip. I was looking for a pair of rugged pliers to de-barb and remove bigger flies from toothy fish. Dr_slick_2I found that these pliers were perfect for the the task and easy on the wallet. They are constructed out of stainless steel and have a comfortable foam grip. The longer nose design allow you to keep a safe distance when removing a file or lure from a Barracuda, Pike or Musky. The pliers come with a sheath that can be attached to a belt as well as a short lanyard. On the back of the tool there are side cutters that allow you to cut wire and heavy leader material with ease. All of that for a under thirty bucks. Compared to Abel pliers at $175.00 the Dr Slicks have barracuda-teetheverything you need at 1/6th of the price.┬áThese pliers have been with me to numerous saltwater and freshwater destinations and the only quirk that I have run into is the handle. The foam grip has started to slide on my pliers which isn’t that big of a problem but certainly something to keep an eye on. I would recommend these to other anglers who are looking for a sturdy tool that can allow you to work with toothy fish.