Simms Dry Creek Roll Top Pack Review

Cody DeGuelle turned me on to this backpack a couple years ago in Belize. drycreekrolltop_backpack_item1He had stuffed all kinds of junk in there and of course some of mine as well. I liked the functionality of the bag and was in the market for a dry bag/ backpack. I had my heart set on the Patagonia Dry Pack but had a little sticker shock when I saw the price. Thank god they were out of stock or I wouldn’t have ended up with the deal I got. A fellow angler told me he had the SImms Dry Creek for sale. Used it once and was sitting in his garage. Bingo. He sold it to me for $50.00. Honestly this was the best fifty bucks I have ever spent on fly fishing gear. This backpack travels with me everywhere. And last year I put it through the ultimate waterproofing test. Aaron O’leary and I floated the Calawah River in Forks,WA during an absolute Pacific Northwest downpour. I was sure my camera and otter contents we going to be soaked.simms dry creek rool top We got to the take out and I check to see the damage. Everything was dry as a bone. I was shocked. The bag is a perfect size for day trips. You can pack a camera and an extra lens as well as additional layering and still have room. The roll top is ideal for compressing all the air out for optimal storage. Check these backpacks out if you are in the market for a rock solid, super dry piece of equipment.