Fly Fishing Nets: Rubber Baskets

Fishing nets have come a long way since the silver handle green meshing beasts of the old.fisknat There are many different brands on the market to choose from and many of the larger manufacturers make them. Personally I like the look of the wood handle nets with a big rubber basket. In my opinion no one makes them better than Fisknat. I bought my long handled boat net almost 8 years ago and still have it. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones. I did have to tape it once but fixed it when I refinished the sucker last year. It is a classy looking wooden net that I will hold on to as long as I can. The long handle is excellent for netting fish from a boat or wade fishing in deep water. I tend to do a lot of fishing from boats so If you primarily wade fish I would choose the next size down. The model I own is cumbersome to tote around while wading and just a bit big to clip on your back. The rubber basket is easy on the fish that find there way into it. Unlike mesh which tends to rub the slime off the fishes body the rubber basket is surprisingly gentle. Dropper hooks also pop easily out of the rubber netting where they used to get buried in mesh basket nets. The downside of these wooden nets is that they are a bit on the heavy side. If you use the net primarily out of a boat the weight is not a big deal but, if you are wading the weight will be noticeable. nomad_nets

Fishpond has combined the rubber basket with a durable carbon fiber/ fiberglass material that is lightweight and rugged. A lot of anglers tend to break wooden nets and fish pond responded with the Nomad Net Series. I personally have not used a Nomad but I have picked them up and they are very lightweight. If my trusty Fisknat ever fails me this will be the net I will purchase. I hope I didn’t jinx myself.