Mouse Eating Trout: Colorado

Last week I was able to watch Shawn Ash from The Flyfisher Guide Service throw some obnoxiously large mice patterns at trout in a small creek. Of course we spooked more than a few and some chased the fly a good distance but wouldn’t commit. We got some great takes and were even able to land a few. The mouse pattern that Shawn was throwing was a tube fly pattern that kind of resembled a Morrish mouse, but to be honest I had never seen anything like it. The foam back on the body of the fly held it just above the surface while the tail had great movement through the water. It was fun watching these fish inspect and take the fly. You might think that they would crash it but instead they trail behind the mouse pattern and sip it in like they would a dry fly. With the amount of large fish we saw in this tiny creek it certainly looks like these trout are occasionally dining on land roaming mammals. If you have never tried fishing mice patterns it is a hoot and should be high on your fly fishing to do list. This is a short video shot by Lateral Line Media about the carnage that happened last week. The takes and refusals shots are great.

Rainbow Trout Eating Mice Patterns: Colorado from Joey Macomber on Vimeo.