Moon Phases: Effects On Trout Fly Fishing

Does the moon phase effect trout fly fishing? some say yes and others say no.  I happen to think that the moon does effect how fly fishing will be at certain times of day. A full moon is a marvel to look at. Big, bright and mysterious this giant rock reflects the suns light and makes us all crazy for a night each month. Sometimes twice in one month. Anyone know what that is called?full_moon For a trout this is a giant flashlight that lets them feed all night long. The fish are protected by the darkness of night but have enough visibility to swim into the shallows and gorge themselves on aquatic invertebrates. In the event of a full moon I find it is best to sleep in and go out to breakfast. Chances are that trout are not going be hammering your flies early in the morning. Unlike us who gorge on Chinese dinner and wake up hungry a trout will wait until later in the day to eat aggressively. Try going to the river later in the day and fish into the evening for better results. Stay and fish in the light of the moon if your old lady will let you. Watching a trout rise to a fly in the moon light is very very radical. Almost sounds like a country song. Keep this in mind as well if you are booking a guided trip. Ask your fearless Fly Fishing Guide if he/she thinks the moon phase will effect your early morning trout fishing.

Edwards Colorado Night Time Lapse from Joey Macomber on Vimeo.