Downstream Hookset: Effectively Hook More Trout

“Sweep the leg Danielson” is a common phrase in my boat. After watching too many clients jerk the rod upstream when they got a strike, I had to come up with something crafty. Jerking the rod upstream is better than doing nothing but not as effective as sweeping your rod downstream when you have a strike. Granted you cannot always do a downstream hook set, especially if you are in the back of a boat. This generally ends up with you hitting the oarsmen in the head. Never a good feeling on either end. When the time comes and your bobber dances or your dry fly is suddenly sipped off the surface, a downstream hook set will pin the fly in the corner of the fishes mouth. This results in better hookups and increases your chances of landing that fish you’ve been working for all day. Kirk Deeter From field and stream displays a simple demonstration in this video.