fly tying

Winter MIdges: Fly Tying Video

Although it burns my throat to say it, Winter is here bringing dry skin, chapped lips, short days and midges. Although the winter in Colorado is a thousand times better than many other places around the country it can still be long and dreadful at times. But, despite the cold an angler can have some unbelievable days on the water. While most of our freestones can be hit or miss this time of year, Colorado’s Tailwaters allow us to feed the fishing bug all winter long. Fish tend to key in on Midges during this time of year on both tailwaters and freestone rivers alike. These small little morsels can be very abundant at times and fish will gorge themselves on them.

My good friend Bob Streb aka Bobber just put together this short video about tying midge patterns and how to add bling to any basic midge imitation. Bobber is a very good fly tier and comes up with some pretty clever patterns to trick those pesky trout on the Eagle River. Take a peak at this fly tying video and get some ideas for tying midge patterns.

Griffith’s Gnat: Fly Tying Video

I saw this fly tying video on Chi Wulff a few days ago and thought it was fitting for the time of year. The Griffith’s Gnat has been getting a lot of time on the water this winter/spring. We are seeing fish rise to midges during the warmest part of the day and the Griffith’s Gnat has been tricking a few of them. This is a great fly to imitate a midge cluster when trout are feeding on tiny tiny midges and it also works well this time of year when bigger midges start to hatch. If you are headed out this weekend I would be sure to have some of these patterns in your fly box, your probably going to run into some rising fish.