Sage One Review

Before things got blown out I took a newbie fly fishing a couple weeks ago down the Eagle River. Granted this is not the best river for a new angler to cut their teeth. But what better way to learn then throw them right into the lions den. He showed up with all his new gear as well as a shiny new Sage One 6 wt.  After watching him flail his stick in the air I finally said “you paid about $800.00 for that rod and you are only using $25.00 worth.” He quickly got the joke and started timing his cast and let the rod do the work. After some coaching he was in the groove and putting his new stick to work. A Caddis Hatch started popping around 2 pm and he had the pleasure of hooking his first trout on a dry fly.  He was a young gun just getting into the sport and was eager to learn the ways of the fly rod. He was also kind enough to let me take a few shots with his shiny new Sage One. This is what I thought.


The faster action gives you a lot of punch and can quickly launch the line should you need it. The rod has a ton of power and it disperses nicely throughout the whole shaft. The rod is very light, the 6 weight felt like a 4wt, which makes casting for long periods easier on your arm. Making longer casts was with precision was the rod’s best characteristic. Making casts closer than 30 feet was a little sporty and didn’t load the rod well.  Overall I would recommend this rod (Sage One 6wt) to an angler who is more experienced at casting. A novice is not going to get his/her bang for their buck out of this rod.