Fly Reels: 3 Tand

Just like a fancy wheel on a vehicle fly reels often catch our eye and can add some flare to your fly fishing set-up. Fly Fishing Reels can be very pricey and the ones that we gravitate towards are usually the most expensive. I recently had the opportunity to look over the new 3-Tand Fly Reels and they are extremely nice at a great price point. There are several different models to choose from and come in a Silver or Black finish. The lightweight TF -Series starts at 179.00 and is perfect for Trout and Warm Water Fly Fishing. The larger T-Series Big Game reels are ideal for chasing Steelhead, Stripers, Snook Tarpon, Permit and other larger game fish that require heavier line weights. They are also perfect for switch and spey rod. Coming in at just under 350.00, this is an amazing price for reels of this caliber.

3-Tand T-Series Fly Reels
3-Tand T-Series Fly Reels

From the 3-Tand “Our Nano CF Drag™ (Nano Carbon Fiber Drag) has been labeled as the toughest and the smoothest drag for your money. We did not make that mantra; the dealers and the fishermen gave us that recognition. “High quality. Mid-range price.” That is all we heard when we introduced our reels to the market, and that was the mark we set prior to our birth. The first year out of the gates we received the award for Best of Show at ICAST; an award that is voted on only by dealers, editors and other industry professionals. Are we proud of that? HELL YEAH, but we are more thankful the industry welcomed us in this manner.”

What stands out most about these reels is the drag system. “What makes our drag different is one of our boldest and smartest features – our drag discs. We treat our drag with a nano resin and that creates an exceptionally smooth experience. We also designed them to help achieve the mega stopping power they deliver, but without the grit and grind other carbon fiber drags might put out. No maintenance required, no special directions, no BS. Fish the hell out of our reels and don’t be afraid to CAST AT ANYTHING. When you see that tank of a GT barreling down the reef edge in the Seychelles, throw something its way with confidence, knowing that the only thing failing is maybe your intermediate line because our T-Series drag boasts an insane 20lbs+ of drag.


The 3-Tand Fly Reels are availible in numerous fly shops around Colorado so be sure to give them a look if you are in the market for a new fly reel. Let’s face it we are always looking for something new.