Fly Fishing Colorado: February

The warmer weather has stuck around and opened up a lot of water along the front range as well as in the mountains. The weekend weather is bringing cooler temps and snow back into the state. If you haven’t made it to the Mountains in a few weeks it might be a good time to hit the Roaring Fork or the Frying Pan. The bigger bugs are moving around on the Roaring Fork and the water levels are perfect on the Frying Pan. The warmer temps have opened up a lot of water on the upper Roaring Fork and if you are willing to hike you could get away from the weekend crowds. This is also a great time of year to witness some big midge hatches on the Roaring Fork. Some of these midge hatches can raise nearly every fish in the river and makes for excellent dry fly fishing. As always the Frying Pan will produce fish on midges, eggs and mysis shrimp. If you are looking for some dry fly action the flats are alway a good option. Here is a short video of a midge hatch on the upper Roaring Fork during in the late winter a few years ago.