Triggernometry: Fly Fishing Video

I stumbled across this fly fishing video earlier today and thought it was worth sharing. Having watched and targeted Triggerfish recently in Mexico I enjoyed watching this short piece. Triggerfish are somewhat of an Alien fish on the flats. Their giant teeth and aggressive tailing behavior in shallow water make them a fun fish to target. At a distance the large black fin sticking out of the water will have you screaming permit but upon further investigation there is no mistaking a large Triggerfish feeding on the flats. Figuring out how to catch them can be an exercise in patients as you cannot feel the take. It is more of a timing hook set. In our short experience fishing for these wild looking fish, your cast could be within 3 feet or more of the fish and the Trigger would charge where the fly landed. As soon as its tail went up you slowly set the hook. Once connected it is a great battle in shallow water.