The Legendary RS2: A Proven Fly for tough Tail Water Trout

Are the late season tail water trout giving you the ole Tight Lip? If so, then it is time for plan B and to tie on a good old fashioned RS2!

RS@ Fly
The RS2 is an essential pattern for our Colorado tail waters.

The RS2 is an essential tail water fly pattern and a killer emerging insect pattern. The RS2 is a great bug to fool trout sipping on mayflies in the surface film. But, you don’t have to restrict your use of the RS2 to strictly emerging insect presentations; it fishes just as well when ties to a weighted indicator nymph rig. The RS2 is a must have in your fly box for fishing any technical tail water in the west.

RS2 Fly
Legendary Rim Chung, the infamous inventor of the RS2

RS2 Fly Tying Recipe:

The RS2

Hook: Straight-eye dry fly hook size 18-24

Thread: Olive or Gray, 6/0

Tails: Two white or dun Microfibbets         

Abdomen: Light olive Superfine Dubbing         

Wing: white CDC

Thorax: Light olive Superfine Dubbing

Tight Lines,

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