Eagle River

Eagle River Fishing Report

This time of year the Eagle River can turn on fire and stay that way for several weeks. The warmer day time temps are giving us a little more flow and larger midges an BWO’s are starting to become the common fare. The warmer temps is bringing dirty water to the lower section. Alkali creek is starting to pump some mud into the river below Wolcott so if you plan on fishing down low you better do so in the A.M. The streamer fishing should start to pick up as the water temps begin to rise but until then the nymph fishing has been pretty easy and the dry fly fishing can be great during the right time of day.


The fish in the Eagle River can be extremely finicky and the big slow risers are a difficult bunch to fGluten_Free_Logoool unless you use the following flies. After conducting extensive research over the past few years we have found that the bigger trout on the Eagle River are only eating Gluten Free Flies. Although these flies are much more expensive and are only available at natural fly shops these GF flies are sure to trick the big heath conscious trout in the Eagle River. If you cannot find these flies at a local fly shop a standard size 20 Adams will work well too.

The crowds will start to get thicker as we march on into spring but until ski hills close there is not reason to be on the water before noon. Sleep in, do some work then sneak out for an afternoon session. Do the bobber thing until the Blue Wings come off around 1pm then try those GF creations for the slow risers.

Eagle River Colorado: Fly Fishing Report

Eagle River Brown Trout Fall_14

I had a couple hours to kill yesterday so I wadered up and hopped in the Eagle River near Edwards, Colorado. The sun was high and there were no clouds so I figured finding a bunch of rising fish was not in the cards. I stripped streamers until 12:30 and had a bunch of chasers and even had a few pinned up for a second. Most of the fish were in the shallow riffles and deeper pockets.¬† Like clockwork the BWO hatch starting pouring off around 12:30 bringing a few sporadic risers I out down the streamer pole and hunted risers for a bit. With the low clear water the fish were easily spooked and before I could present a bug to them they were down. I walked down stream to a deeper run and crossed over to the dark side. My set up was simple, white bobber, one small shot, a flashback RS2 trailed by a JuJu Baetis. This was the only thing I needed for the rest of my session. The fish were slamming the JuJu and ignored the RS2. The best fish landed was the one pictured here. It wasn’t a giant butter bean but he was gorgeous and perfectly proportionate. Fall is in full swing get out there before the dreaded snow flies.

Eagle River_Brown-Trout Underwater

Eagle River: So It Has Begun

A good friend of mine Bob Streb ties some great fly patterns that tend to out fish what you’ll find in the bins at your local shop. Spring time in means streamer time and one of my favorite spring streamer patterns is the Tequeely. This bug is sold as a bass fly and is supposed to mimic a baby bird that has fallen out of a tree. What a trout thinks of it I have no clue. All I know is that is works awesome in the spring and only so so in the fall. Bob likes to tie his own variation of the Tequeely and calls it the cha ching.¬†Here is a short vid on how to tie this deadly streamer pattern.