Denver Trout Unlimited

As they say, “A gentleman is one who puts more back into the world than he takes out.” And when it comes to Colorado Fly Fishing and conservation this saying couldn’t ring closer to home. As fisherman, it is our duty to ensure that the streams, rivers and lakes we hold so dear to our hearts are preserved and protected for generations yet to come.

Denver Trout Unlimited
If you consider yourself a serious trout fisherman, then you owe it to yourself to join DTU…

Fortunately, in Denver we are lucky to host one of the most active and beneficial Trout Unlimited Chapters in the country through Denver Trout Unlimited. With many projects and fundraising solutions including:

Matching funds grants for restorations:

  • $10,000 – Carson’s Nature Center proof of concept South Platte restoration.
  • $15,000 – Overland Park Pond Restoration as a Gateway Fishery
  • $25,000 – Florida Ave – Overland Stretch RISO Restoration
  • $10,000 – Sheridan River Run Park aquatic habitat project with the understanding that LUNKER habitat pipes will be installed.
  • $10,000 for an Analysis and Interpretation of Aquatic Habitat Changes as a result of the Chatfield Reallocation project.
  • $3,000 for in-stream boulder clusters in the Grant-Frontier Park restoration.

Studies to trigger restoration and better flows:

  • $16,000 for a study of the downstream impact of additional “environmental pool” releases from the expanded Chatfield reservoir.
  • $50,000 grant from Wells Fargo to support Sustainable South Platte Aquatic Habitat through cooperative municipal water use.
  • $6,000 to start a “Calls & Release Coalition” to coordinate release timing for optimum S. Platte flows.
  • $4,000 Denver South Platte Minimum Flow for Aquatic River Health study.

The above is just but a small sampling of projects sponsored by Denver Trout Unlimited. For more information or to join Denver TU, check out their website today at:

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