Colorado Microbreweries

With so many different microbreweries popping up all over colorful Colorado. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one for you. Here are a few options of different style and brews for you to try.


Though they are located in Boulder, you can find their beer on the shelves in most liquor stores. The goal with Upslope was to make a versatile beer that is crisp and refreshing no matter what your outdoor plans are. They use recycled aluminum instead of glass, for what they say is “good for the beer, for you, and for the environment.” They are always coming up with a different styles often based on the seasons in Colorado. If you want an exclusive, cant find it in the store experience. It can be expected that they will have a special tap in the tasting rooms. Which allows you to see how these master brewers make the liquid gold we all love. At seven years old this is a brewing company well worth keeping an eye on. They haven’t failed at standing out in the local beer scene. Upslope says they have big plans for the Colorado beer scene in the future.

Left Hand is located in Longmont Colorado. Though Longmont may not be on your top places to visitleft-hand-logo in Colorado. You may want to think about making the trip to try the exclusive beer on tap at this Colorado Brewery. Left hand has a taproom which they display all their seasonal and staple beers.Founded in 1993 as a small brewery. Doing business out of an old meat packing plant near downtown. They built a name for themselves brewing high quality beer for the people of Colorado. In the past 22 years they’ve expanded across the United States and won 27 medals at the Great American Beer Festival, 9 World Beer Cup awards, 7 European Beer Star Awards, and a growing loyal customer base in 35 states, the District of Columbia and throughout Europe & Japan.

350x350_great-divideThe founder Brian Dunn established Great Divide in 1994. Great Divide had one goal in mind when setting out their venture. To create strong full bodied beer for the most ambitious beer connoisseurs. They have four World Beer Cup awards under their belt. In 2008 Beer Advocate magazine gave them a rating of seventh best brewery on the planet. With complex flavors ranging from mellow to boozy. You can bet they have a brew that would live up to your standards. Denver has its fair share of breweries. Since Brian opened in 1994 he has had to expand and tripled their production rate, due to demand.

Ska based their brewery out of Durango, Colorado. They had the intentions of rising aboveSKA_Brewing_Logo mainstream corporate breweries monopolizing the beer scene. Allowing the craft of brewing to finally be recognized by the world. If you pick up a couple cold ska brews, or even get the chance to make it to the brewery. One of the first things you’ll notice is their eccentric punk labeling and comic book like designs. Making Ska stand out in many ways besides their beer. With beers ranging from easy to drink to complex flavors for the more experienced consumer. Also animated names to go along with the many different styles. They make it easy for all to enjoy their craft beer.

Avery Logo - 4 Inches
Avery Logo – 4 Inches

Avery is yet another brewery in Colorado with a name known around the world. Started like many other breweries with a bit of curiosity, patience, and enthusiasm. Adam Avery decided to experiment with bold flavors and unique brews. With America becoming more aware of microbreweries. The experimenting and hard word paid off. Avery quickly caught the eye of the American beer connoisseurs. Expanding from 40 to 120 bbl uni-tanks in a few years. Needless to say if you in Boulder, drop by Avery for a taste of something most don’t get to try anywhere but Colorado.