Boat Bags: Fly Fishing Float Season

The float season is upon us and it is time to re organize the boat bag. There are many options on the market giving us plenty to choose from so what do you look for? I would focus on three things; size, simplicity and durability. Space can be limited on a boat so I try not to go overboard with a big boat bag. Simms and Fishpond both make reasonably sized boat bags that allow anglers to store plenty of flies, tippet and other gear. A lot of guides use and like the larger waterproof bag pictured below but I’ve seen busted zippers on those bags. A waterproof bag with a broken zipper does not do anyone any good. Boat bags take a lot of abuse. They sit in the sun, get covered in sun screen, dry shake, chew spit and beer swill. The also get wet, dry and wet again so finding one with a hard plastic bottom or water proof membrane will add life to your bag.

The simplicity of the bag will allow you to locate what you are looking for a little more quickly when you are floating downstream. A few different pockets are great for separating fly boxes, tippet spools and fly dressings. The more pockets the more I get confused on where I place items. The following Boat Bags are my top choices.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag


Fishpond Could Burst Gear Bag


Simms Headwaters Tackle Bag