Black Friday: Fishing Is Better


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and that you got to spend it with family and friends. The weather up in the Mountains is sunny and low 40’s giving us some excellent angling opportunities. The midge bite on the Eagle River is solid and fish seem to be willing to play from noon until 230. ¬†Once the sun starts to dip the bite slows down and temperatures drop quickly. Reports coming from the Arkansas below Pueblo have been great with a lot of fish being caught on the tailwater section. This is a very popular winter fishing location so do not be surprised to see a parking lot full of cars. Do not get discouraged if this is the case. There is plenty of water to explore if you are willing to walk down stream. Nymphing is going to be your best bet whether you are fishing a tailwater or freestone. Your lead bug can be a bit bigger and have some flash on it so it catches the thanksgiving-leftover-turkey-sandwich_4841eye of those pesky trouts but your trailing bug should be something “midgey” and tiny. Try to pay attention to bug activity if you can. While nymphing deep can be productive during the winter months do not overlook fish holding higher in the water column eating emerging insects. Take advantage of this warm weather and hit the river. Make that turkey sandwich to go.