Be careful out there!

As we roll into June we are seeing rivers rise. We can expect high runoff this summer and with that comes some danger. Whitewater can be very powerful and can catch you off guard. This week a rafter lost his life on the Eagle River. Please be careful if you decide to venture out to our local Colorado rivers this June. Use extreme caution when you are wading and rafting. Here is a link to the article.

Ice Jam Flooding on The Roaring Fork River

I’ve been fly fishing here in Colorado for years and I’ve got to be honest– I’ve never given ice jam flooding a second thought. That’s on me. After watching the speed and intensity of the ice flooding on the Roaring Fork over the weekend, it’s something that should be on all of our radar’s moving forward.
courtesy of Roaring Fork Conservancy

Ice jams happen when warm temperatures cause a frozen river’s snow and ice to melt too rapidly, which then results in flash flooding down river.

If you’re going out fly fishing on any of Colorado’s rivers this winter, know your settings and be mindful of the environmental conditions around you. And I’m not saying that to be a fear-monger– admittedly, I’ve never put any thought into any type of winter flash flooding. But as we see here, fluctuating temperatures can cause weird things to happen.