Fly Fishing Gear Reviews

Our fly fishing gear reviews showcase the latest and greatest fly fishing gear as we put it to the test in the field. We try it out so you know if it works and how it stands up. If there is a product you would like our opinion on, feel free to Contact Us

Yeti expands the​ir product line.

Yeti has always been the leader in pushing the envelope in cooler technology. Recently they have come out with a new product that should be very popular with the outdoor community. Yeti’s Loadout GoBox 30 is the ultimate travel case. They are claiming that it is nearly indestructible. It will be a perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts that need to keep their gear safe and protected. Check it out for yourself here

New Patagonia Wading Boots

Patagonia and Danner boots have collaborated to make a new wading boot unlike anything else on the market.  Patagonia is well known as one of the top manufactures of fly fishing gear and Danner is respected as one of the top boot manufactures in the world. I am very excited to try this boot when it comes out. Check out the video below for a sneak peak of this new wading boot.

Basin and Bend

Colorado’s hunting and angling community has a new shop to call home. Basin and Bend, located in Evergreen, has opened as a retail shop that not only provides the newest and best products but also has a direct focus on outdoor, environmental and wildlife conservation.

Basin and Bend works with environmentally friendly manufacturers and they themselves go above and beyond by donating 11% of their total revenue to conservation projects. Not only does Basin and Bend offer the finest hunting and angling gear, they also provide guided fly fishing trips on Bear Creek, Clear Creek, and the Deckers section of the South Platte river.

In a world where environmental degradation has become more of the norm rather than the exception, it’s refreshing to see a local business doing their part to give back to our country’s natural beauty.

Stop by the shop at 27985 Meadow Dr Suite 200, Evergreen, CO 80439 and help support local business and our own beautiful state.



Ultimate Rod Case Review

 So you are looking for a new way to carry your fly rods? Well the Ultimate Rod Case might be the perfect option. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Ultimate Rod Case this Spring. In the past I have had a Titan Rod Vault and Denver Outfitters Rod Vault  but I was looking for something different. I came across the Ultimate Rod Case while surfing on Instagram. I consider myself a bit obsessed with fly fishing gear and I am always looking for the latest and greatest. What intrigued me about the Ultimate Rod Case is that it was made in Colorado and they offered a 4 and 8 rod option. This case also sits much lower on the roof than others and it can be mounted to just about any rack system. I did not like that my previous rod cases only held 3 rods. It always seemed like I would bring two rods fishing and so would my buddies. Because of this we always had to break one rod down. Not a big deal but not ideal.

Ultimate is located in Colorado Springs. I drove down to there and they installed my case for me while I waited. The customer service at Ultimate is top notch. Each installation is custom to each specific vehicle. They went above and beyond to make my buying experience as easy as possible. It is family owned company and they put a ton a pride into their work.

Having had the case now for 4 months and I could’t be happier with it. Everything works like it should and I really don’t have any complaints yet. I am constantly having people stop me and ask me about the case. As a guide I really like how it holds 4 rods and not just 3. It is a little over 10ft long so my 10ft rods fit perfectly.  They offer a few different models including a 9ft and 10ft model as well as a 4 and 8 rod holder. If you are not into fly fishing they offer a case that holds conventional spinning rods as well. Overall I would highly recommend this product. They are local and producing an amazing rod holder.

Check them out here!

Reviewing Orvis’ Helios Fly Rod

The Helios 3F is as good as they get

The Helios is Orvis’ flagship rod known for its excellent craftsmanship, delicate presentations, and spot-on accurate casts. In late 2017 Orvis debuted their upgraded models, the Helios 3D and the Helios 3F. The Helios 3D model is for distance, which as the name would imply, is meant for casting longer distances on large rivers like the Colorado or Gunnison or fishing out on salt water flats where a 100-foot cast is absolutely necessary. The Helios 3F model is for finesse and short distance presentations.

We had the opportunity to fish with the 3F (5-weight 9’) model over the past three weeks and took it to the Eagle, 11 Mile Canyon, Deckers, and the Arkansas tail water in Pueblo and the results were unmistakable. The Helios 3F is outstanding! Orvis certainly hit a homerun with this rod so we feel very comfortable in saying that the Helios 3F will work great on any river or lake in Colorado.

What makes this rod so special is that it is a great all-around rod that has the power to cast large articulated streamers but is also very light weight (a whopping 3.75 ounces) and delicate which allows the angler the ability to give great dead-drift presentations when nymphing with a strike indicator. What really made all of us fall in love the Helios 3F was when we were fishing with dry flies on the Arkansas tail water in Pueblo. It’s a fast action rod but has great feel to it and is extremely accurate. I was using my standard reel and line, a Ross Evolution LT with Rio’s InTouch Perception fly line, and the ease and accuracy of casting a size #20 BWO anywhere between 15-40 feet was truly remarkable. Not only was it amazingly easy to give an accurate 40-foot cast but it’s ability to give a 40-foot roll cast was equally impressive!

The only drawback I can think of was its white labeling above the cork grip. It’s the not most aesthetically pleasing feature I’ve seen before, but hey, if that’s the only negative then the rod must be pretty darn good.

The rod is selling at $849 and has Orvis’ standard 25 warranty. We highly recommending trying one of these bad boys out!


Not to turn this into a promotional article for the Helios 3 but Orvis just came out with this video and it’s too good not to share! Enjoy.

Gear Review – Umpqua LEDGES 650 ZS WAIST PACK

The Flyfisher Group Vice President Cody DeGuelle reviews the Umpqa Ledges 650 ZW Waist Pack. 

The Umpqa Ledges 650 ZS waist pack has truly been an upgrade from all packs I have used in the past. The best part is the overall engineering which allows the weight to be carried closer to the body with the support from the molded frame. This “big picture” bonus has made guiding and long days on the water more enjoyable and relieved all lower back tension. No more weight leveraging against your lower back.

The zippers are silk smooth even after some abuse. The large pockets on the waist strap have been handy and are much larger than any other pack I have fished, but not too big to where they get in the way and catch fly line. A large main compartment has plenty of room for four large boxes and also provides the ability to separate with a “file cabinet” type design. This pack rides very well on the hips with a thick waist strap and sticky material preventing pack sag, even with a heavy load and net in tow.

There is room for improvement on water bottle pockets. The cinch straps interfere with that area now which forces you to carry water with a looser pack or the ability to tighten it up and not carry water. I also think rings and/or tethers inside the main compartment would be awesome to secure fly boxes. I easily installed my own with swivels, but think this would be a cool stock feature in the future. Keep up the good work @Umpqua Feather Merchants, #umpquafeathermerchants #tiedtothewater

Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.

Cody DeGuelle
Vice President
The Flyfisher Group

Umpqua Tippet Review

About three months ago, Angling University began a new partnership with Umpqua, thus providing terminal tackle for students. Now, when you fish with Angling University, you will have the opportunity to try out some awesome tackle, including Umpqua Tippet.

As President of the school and professional guide of almost 20 years, I have tried my fair share of tippet materials. Nylon, hard mono, fluorocarbon, non-stretch, stretch, you name it. I’ve also tried all of the popular brands: Rio, Scientific Angler, Trout Hunter, Seaguar, Cortland, Frog Hair, Orvis, you get the idea. And though these brands all have their strengths, Umpqua Superfluoro tippet has really grown on me.

The major reasons we choose to work with our sponsor companies is because of the quality products they make. Umpqua’s tippet (both nylon and fluorocarbon) is no exception. I first started fishing with their Nylon (monofilament) for my dry fly fishing years ago, but for some reason I was stuck in my ways when it came to fluorocarbon. I have since completely converted to Umpqua’s Superfluoro and couldn’t be happier.

Umpqua Tippet Review:

Strength, abrasion resistance (durability), flexibility, good packaging (spools and labeling), and a small diameter are what I look for in a fluorocarbon tippet. Umpqua’s Superfluoro provides all of these qualities.

The tippet is noticeably smaller than what I was accustomed to. At first, I thought I had mixed up my spools because the 3x felt more like 4x. As crazy as it sounds, I think this smaller diameter helps flies get down to depth at a faster rate. Additionally, the tippet is surprisingly durable. I’ve guided multiple trophy hunting trips lately and haven’t had to replace tippet nearly as often. Perhaps the biggest surprise to me was the flexibility of the Superfluoro tippet. This translates to a more lifelike movement and presentation, both for streamers and nymphs alike.

All in all, Umpqua’s lineup of tippet is a strong contender for top product in it’s class. If you haven’t tried the Superfluoro, I strongly recommend it. You will find Umpqua’s Superfluoro to be a well rounded product that provides all you might want in a fluorocarbon tippet material.

Read more about Umpqua’s terminal tackle visit their website:  Learn about fly fishing or to book a class or lesson, visit our website


Tight Lines,

Ethan Emery

Outdoor Survival: How Prepared Are You?

Being prepared for the outdoors should not be taken lightly and as a guide you should be well prepared for any trip. Personally I thought that if I had a first aid kit, some extra clothes and some provisions I was ready for anything that might happen on a day trip to the river. Recently I got registered to guide fly fishing trips in remote areas in another state. This proved to be one of the most difficult tests I ever had to pass for guiding. But it made me realize that a lot can go wrong in the wilderness and that maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. Here are a few preparation tips to consider if you are a guide or if you are getting guided.


Symptoms: Learn the symptoms/signs of health conditions such as; Shock, Hypothermia, Diabetes, Heat Stroke/ Dehydration, Cold Water Immersion. It is important to know how to handle a situation if one of your clients experiences these symptoms. It is also important to ask if your client(s) has any type of health condition during your trip briefing.

CPR/First Aid: Every guide needs to be certified in CPR & First Aid. Knowing how to preform these basic life saving techniques can make the difference between someone living or dying.

Supplies: First Aid Kits, Water, Food & Clothing are all good basics to have with you during a trip. One of the more important items to carry are waterproof matches. These will help you create a fire quickly should you need to heat up a client who has mild hypothermia symptoms. Whistles are another item that should be carried/provided to clients. This will allow you and clients to make loud noise should you become separated in the the woods or on the river.

Trip Briefing: This is one of the most important steps when taking anyone on a guided trips. Ask questions about health, physical condition, allergies and limitations. This will allow you to make a good decision on where to bring you clients based on their requirements. It will also allow you to prepare more extensively for a client with health conditions.

Take the time this winter to educate yourself on how to be prepared for a catastrophic event in the outdoors. You will be surprised on the amount of information online that can better prepare you for an unfortunate event.

International Sportsman’s Expo comes to Denver January 12-15

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join The International Sportsman’s Expo to celebrate for the 40th year in Colorado. More than 525 exhibiting companies offering gear…expertise and travel adventures. 125+ free seminars. Expert-led clinics. Archery, casting and a new elk-calling contest. And check out the giant Youth Activity Center, hosted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


Location: Colorado Convention Center
 700 14th Street
 Denver, CO 80202


Thu 12 11am – 8pm
Fri 13 11am – 8pm
Sat 14 10am – 8pm
Sun 15 10am – 5pm


Adult Admission – $17.00
 Youth under 16 – Free!

 No Pets
 No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition


Parking & Shuttles: $5 per car at Park Ave. & Wazee (near Coors Field). Limited wheelchair and scooter rental available at UPS Business Center

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports Invites You to The Fly Fishing Show!

Well, we hope you have enjoyed your Holidays and are settled back into “The Grind.” Winter is in full swing in Colorado, with temperatures at a high of only 10 degrees today! The weekend is fast approaching and with the colder temps it might be a good weekend to leave the river to the trout, ducks & geese and instead head downtown to The Fly Fishing Show!


The show is a great place to get deals on the latest and greatest fly fishing gear, enter a raffle to win a trip to your dream fly fishing destination or just grab a cold beer and hang out and talk fishing. Here is the info you need this weekend:

Show Hours Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am – 5:30pm, Sunday 9am – 4:30 pm

Admission is cash only at the gate and a one-day pass is only $15. Back again this year is the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, one night only Friday January 6th at 6:30 PM, $15 ticket.

If you can't be on the river this weekend, why not join us for swapping lies & stories at The Fly Fishing Show?
If you can’t be on the river this weekend, why not join us for swapping lies & stories at The Fly Fishing Show?

The show is a great place to learn from authors, outfitters, fly-fishing guides and fly tiers. Weather you are looking for fly tying materials, books, DVDs, rods, reels, waders or apparel, you simply don’t want to miss The Fly Fishing Show!

Check it out at:

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports