Fly Fishing Forecasts

Our fly fishing forecasts area summary of our most recent fishing reports so you get an idea of where to hit the water.

Winter is not over yet!!

This week Colorado was hit with yet another Spring storm. We have had a very wet and cold Spring which is not great for outside activities but should make for a good summer. Snowpack is looking good and rivers are flowing. Anglers can expect high rivers through July but we should not run into the issue of low and warm water like last summer. With the additional snow, we have this year it might be late July before we can make it up to the high mountain lakes that we know and love.

This upcoming Memorial day weekends forecast looks promising. So get out and enjoy what Colorado has to offe. Lots of rivers and lakes across the state are fishing fantastic. Tight Lines and enjoy the long weekend!

Fish of the Week

The grayling is known as the “Lady of the Stream.” In England and Wales, they can be fished for throughout the core fishing season (June 16 to March 14), providing exciting sport on the fly when the trout season is closed. There is no closed season for grayling in Scotland; where they have been introduced. The grayling is the dry fly fisherman’s fish with popular flies including Royal Coachmen’s and Humpys. “Czech-nymphing” is a very productive tactic for anglers fishing grayling in colder periods. The method involves moving a series of Czech nymphs under the tip of the fly rod with the flow of the river and the nymphs should entice the grayling to take one.

Grayling on the fly
For the dry fly fisherman, there may be no better fish than the grayling…

In Colorado, many streams and lakes offer fly anglers the chance at their first grayling. Joe Wright Reservoir and Joe Wright Creek are a great place to start for Colorado fly anglers looking to hook grayling.

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Fish of the Week!

Due to popular demand, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports has been asked to post weekly fish of the week! With so many fishes out there, it is truly fascinating as a Modern Fly-Fisherman to dream about all the possible angling destinations and fish species in the world!


This week’s fish of the week is the barramundi or Asian sea bass (Lates calcarifer) is a species of catadromous fish.  The species is widely distributed from Southeast Asia to Papau New Guinea and Northern Australia. Known in Thai Language as pla kapong, it is very popular in Thai Cuisine.

A lunker for sure!
A lunker for sure!

Barramundi inhabit coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons, and rivers; they are found in clear to turbid water, usually within a temperature range of 26−30 °C. This species does not undertake extensive migrations within or between river systems, which has presumably influenced establishment of genetically distinct stocks in Northern Australia.

Thanks to Colorado fly fishing guide, George Gumerman for awesome Barramundi on the fly photos!
Thanks to Colorado fly fishing guide, George Gumerman for awesome Barramundi on the fly photos!

Highly prized by anglers for their good fighting ability, barramundi are reputed to be good at avoiding fixed nets and are best caught on lines and with lures. Fly-fishing for barramundi is highly possible but generally a new frontier for fly anglers.

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

International Sportsman’s Expo comes to Denver January 12-15

Looking for something to do this weekend? Join The International Sportsman’s Expo to celebrate for the 40th year in Colorado. More than 525 exhibiting companies offering gear…expertise and travel adventures. 125+ free seminars. Expert-led clinics. Archery, casting and a new elk-calling contest. And check out the giant Youth Activity Center, hosted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


Location: Colorado Convention Center
 700 14th Street
 Denver, CO 80202


Thu 12 11am – 8pm
Fri 13 11am – 8pm
Sat 14 10am – 8pm
Sun 15 10am – 5pm


Adult Admission – $17.00
 Youth under 16 – Free!

 No Pets
 No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition


Parking & Shuttles: $5 per car at Park Ave. & Wazee (near Coors Field). Limited wheelchair and scooter rental available at UPS Business Center

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports Invites You to The Fly Fishing Show!

Well, we hope you have enjoyed your Holidays and are settled back into “The Grind.” Winter is in full swing in Colorado, with temperatures at a high of only 10 degrees today! The weekend is fast approaching and with the colder temps it might be a good weekend to leave the river to the trout, ducks & geese and instead head downtown to The Fly Fishing Show!


The show is a great place to get deals on the latest and greatest fly fishing gear, enter a raffle to win a trip to your dream fly fishing destination or just grab a cold beer and hang out and talk fishing. Here is the info you need this weekend:

Show Hours Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am – 5:30pm, Sunday 9am – 4:30 pm

Admission is cash only at the gate and a one-day pass is only $15. Back again this year is the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, one night only Friday January 6th at 6:30 PM, $15 ticket.

If you can't be on the river this weekend, why not join us for swapping lies & stories at The Fly Fishing Show?
If you can’t be on the river this weekend, why not join us for swapping lies & stories at The Fly Fishing Show?

The show is a great place to learn from authors, outfitters, fly-fishing guides and fly tiers. Weather you are looking for fly tying materials, books, DVDs, rods, reels, waders or apparel, you simply don’t want to miss The Fly Fishing Show!

Check it out at:

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Fishing Dog with a Blog

There is nothing like being on the river, or on the boat with your four-legged best friend! A good fishing dog can bring a smile to your face, even while fishing is slow & tough. It must not be a coincidence that avid steelhead fishermen seem to always be fishing with their dog?

The author's favorite fishing dog
The author’s favorite fishing dog

Or, if you like to mix it up, you can always try float fishing with your 12 gauge shotgun and Fido while trying to smack some waterfowl outta the sky and stripping rodent sized streamers for angry brown trout! Or bring your pup out on a Colorado grouse hunt as you hike to a mountain lake.

When fishing the high country lakes & streams, a good dog with a pack can help you pack in added supplies like medical kits, water, extra fishing gear, food and even a safety blanket. So if your fishing trips have felt at all lonely lately, try putting a puppy under the Christmas tree this year!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happily Holidays,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports


It’s about to get Cold! Buy a plane ticket and get outta Denver!!!

At this very moment, we are willing to be that you are at work on a Wednesday and needless to say you might be finding yourself up to your neck in “TPS Reports” and desperately needing a break from the hustle & bustle of the “Real World”….

The key to a happy life, however, is remembering how to stay spontaneous and continuing to pursue your passions. And if you are a die hard fly-fisherman that might be a little depressing in Denver right now as the forecast has called for a high of 23 degrees later this week! So in the name of keeping your sanity, why don’t you open another window on your browser and Google:, and book yourself a short & cheap flight from Denver to San Diego, get a room on the beach and pack your fly rod! Mexican food & Margarita’s anyone?

Spotted Bay Bass on the Fly
Spotted Bay Bass make up the bulk of the catch. They are hard fighters on light tackle. Other popular sport fish include halibut, corvina & bonefish. Yes, we said Bonefish…

San Diego is the perfect quick & easy getaway from Denver. It’s a true salt-water trip on a budget you just can’t beat the ease & convenience of traveling to Southern California for a much needed winter break.

Pack your fly rod and waders and head to the surf and try fly-fishing for abundant populations of Surf Perch. Or, rent a kayak and head to San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, or any of the smaller lagoons around San Diego and go after spotted bay bass, leopard sharks, corvina, croaker & halibut. Not to mention many, many & many other species of fish that might bite your fly!

San Diego Inshore fly fishing
San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, and smaller lagoons provide walk & wade access. But for best results rent a kayak!

For best fishing pack a few spools with floating lines, and varying sinking lines. A 9 foot 6 weight will do the job for most of the fisheries in Southern California. Clouser Minnows and flies tied with pink will do well to imitate baitfish and shrimp.  Hook sizes can range from 1/0 to small 6 or 8 sized salt water hooks. For the most part, Clouser Minnows tied in size 2 to 6 in colors like orange, pink and Chartreuse will hook plenty of spotted bay bass.

Kayak fishing at it's best!
Kayak fishing at it’s best!

Or if you are sitting at the computer of a very high paying job, pat yourself on the back and book a guide trip for Mako Shark on The Fly!

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Fishing Close to Home

As a group, fishermen are probably guiltier of the “grass is always greener” syndrome than any other specialty sport. We spend countless hours researching new places to fish and destinations to travel. On the weekends, we spend hours driving past rivers and streams to get to our new “hot spot.” However, sometimes in our longing for the ultimate fly-fishing experience, we often forget that some of the best fishing might be closer to home than we might think!

Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things in life, even if it is just some geese walking the shore...
Sometimes you have to appreciate the little things in life, even if it is just some geese walking the shore…

There is nothing like the satisfaction of finding a good spot close to your home or office, a “home water” if you will, one that you can visit time and time again. At your home water, you can often learn more about trout fishing than you can by traveling three plus hours to a far off destination. By spending more time on the water, you will learn more about trout behavior, insects and how to read the river.

If you live in Denver, The South Platte offers a lifetime of angling, close to home...
If you live in Denver, The South Platte offers a lifetime of angling, close to home…

In today’s fast paced life, we often loose sight of what is important and neglect our need to get outside and free our minds. Don’t find yourself trapped inside a mind set that you cannot fish because you do not have the time or money to drive. Instead, remember the saying, “there are always flowers for those willing to see them.”  Or we might tweak that saying to something like, “There are always fish, for those willing to find them…”

Who said the South Platte through Denver is just a Carp fishery?
Who said the South Platte through Denver is just a Carp fishery?

Chances are there is a trout rising, a carp tailing or a largemouth bass hunting for crayfish within just a few miles of where you are currently sitting. This week take the time to get outside, fish and appreciate Mother Nature for what she is. You’ll be glad you did.

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports



The Legendary RS2: A Proven Fly for tough Tail Water Trout

Are the late season tail water trout giving you the ole Tight Lip? If so, then it is time for plan B and to tie on a good old fashioned RS2!

RS@ Fly
The RS2 is an essential pattern for our Colorado tail waters.

The RS2 is an essential tail water fly pattern and a killer emerging insect pattern. The RS2 is a great bug to fool trout sipping on mayflies in the surface film. But, you don’t have to restrict your use of the RS2 to strictly emerging insect presentations; it fishes just as well when ties to a weighted indicator nymph rig. The RS2 is a must have in your fly box for fishing any technical tail water in the west.

RS2 Fly
Legendary Rim Chung, the infamous inventor of the RS2

RS2 Fly Tying Recipe:

The RS2

Hook: Straight-eye dry fly hook size 18-24

Thread: Olive or Gray, 6/0

Tails: Two white or dun Microfibbets         

Abdomen: Light olive Superfine Dubbing         

Wing: white CDC

Thorax: Light olive Superfine Dubbing

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

A 5.5 Billion Dollar Buyout could get you a Deal on a NEW FLY ROD!

You know it is a big day in the outdoor world when Cabela’s has closed its doors and sold to Bass Pro Shops! Cabela’s agreed to be bought by Bass Pro Shops in a $5.5 billion deal, and investors in the outdoor-sports equipment realm are going to see large returns.

The offer of $65.50 a share in cash represents a 19 percent premium to Cabela’s most recent closing price. Capital One Financial Corp. is acquiring Cabela’s credit card business for an undisclosed amount.

At least Bass Pro has a bar & restaurant...
At least Bass Pro has a bar & restaurant…

Cabela’s, which was founded by brothers Richard, and Jim Cabela in 1961, initially voiced their concerns last year, that problems in their fall apparel and footwear contributed to a disappointing third quarter, forcing the company to really make some hard decisions.

With these changes in effect, you will likely be able to find some great deals on Cabela’s brand equipment and the savvy fly fisherman should definitely take a look, as Cabela’s offers a wide assortment of fly fishing gear including rods, reels, vests waders, footwear, apparel and fly tying equipment.

Tight Lines,

Colorado Fly Fishing Reports