Alaska’s Bristol Bay Faces Another Challenge From The Proposed Pebble Mine

Earlier this week the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published their highly anticipated Draft Environmental Impact Statement, which is the first step to potentially bringing the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay one step closer to fruition.

Opponents of the DEIS point to the fact that 3,000-plus pages of documents are included in it, yet the USACoE is fast-tracking the document with only a 90-day public comment review period. Alaska’s branch of Trout Unlimited is stating that a project of this size and magnitude should have at least a 270-day public review period to properly analyze all of risks involved.

The current application, proposed by Northern Dynasty Minerals, would make this the largest gold and copper mine in North America. It also would require the world’s largest earthen dam to be built, which opponents state will put the natural ecosystem at un-necessary risk. As it currently stands, Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest wild Sockeye and King Salmon population.

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