Colorado First Day Hikes

I have a laundry list of New Year’s resolutions I should tackle but one of them at the very top of the list is to not feel like complete death on New Year’s day. Cause nothing brings in the new year better than nursing a massive hangover, right?

Colorado Parks & Wildlife is here to help! Over 30 state parks will be offering free organized hikes on New Year’s day. Most of the parks will have raffles for various prizes as well.

The organized hikes are free but participants must have a park pass. Daily passes are $8.00 per vehicle while the annual pass is $80.00.

What sounds better: waking up on New Year’s day to a pounding headache, a lighter wallet, and possibly a few regrets from the night before or enjoying the beautiful panoramic view atop Carpenter Peak in Roxborough Park? Yeah, first day hike it is!

A complete list of participating parks can be found here.

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