Colorado Elk Hunting

In the heat of the moment bull elk can be tough to distinguish from a bull moose

It’s time to head to the high country and fill the freezers because Colorado elk hunting season has begun!

The Archery Season began on August, 25th and will run until September, 23rd. Muzzleloader Season will run September, 8th through September, 16th. Riffle Season has four separate seasons to draw tags in:

  • First Season: October, 13th through October, 17th
  • Second Season: October, 20th through October, 28th
  • Third Season: November, 3rd through November, 11th
  • Fourth Season: November, 14th through November, 18th

Elk hunting not only fills our freezers but it provides an incredible boost to the Colorado economy. But, when we head up the to hills searching for that perfect 6 by 6 bull, we want to make sure that that is what we’re actually targeting. There have been a few reports of hunters accidentally taking down moose– archery and muzzleloader season for moose does not start until Sept. 8th– instead of the intended elk.

Please watch this video, produced by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, in helping make the sometimes subtle distinctions between bull elk and moose.

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