MileHigh25 Fly Fishing Tournament

What a wekend! As I write this blog post I am still feeling a bit groggy from a exhausting but fun filled weekend. The MileHigh25 is a fly fishing tournament that focuses on catching 25 different species of fish in Colorado. Each team is made up of 2 anglers and has two days to catch as many species as possible. Day one is 6am to 8pm and day two is 6am to 3pm. Each team has to upload photos of each species to a app which is used to score the event. Most species wins but if there is a tiebreaker then it goes to points.. Here is a list of the 25 species:

  1. TIGER MUSKIE​ – 500 pts
  2. WIPER – 500 pts
  3. TIGER TROUT – 400 pts
  4. LAKE TROUT – 400 pts
  5. KOKANEE – 400 pt
  6. GRAYLING – 300 pts
  7. GRASS CARP – 300 pts
  8. SPLAKE – 300 pts
  9. CATFISH – 300 pts
  10. MIRROR CARP – 300 pts
  11. WHITEFISH – 200 pts
  12. NORTHERN PIKE – 200 pts
  13. COMMON CARP – 200 pts
  14. SMALLMOUTH BASS – 200 pts
  15. LARGEMOUTH BASS – 200 pts
  16. WALLEYE – 200 pts
  17. CRAPPIE – 100 pts
  18. PERCH – 50 pts
  19. SUCKER – 50 pts
  20. BLUEGILL – 50 pts
  21. SUNFISH – 50 pts
  22. BROOK TROUT – 50 pts
  23. CUTTHROAT TROUT – 50 pts
  24. RAINBOW TROUT – 50 pts
  25. BROWN TROUT – 50 pts

This was our second year doing the event. Last year we ended up with 11 species and learned a lot. Going into the event this year we had high hopes and had done more pre fishing. However we ended up with 13 species which put us in 8th place out of 53 teams. The winning team had a whopping 20 species. This year the species that gave us the hardest time were the crappie, sucker, and wiper. It is very frustrating when you target a fish that you catch all the time and can’t seem to find one. I highly recommend this competition to any fly angler on the front range. We nearly put 600 miles on the truck over the weekend and woke up at 3am both days. I’m exhausted but already thinking about next year. Check out the link below for more information about the event





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