Ultimate Rod Case Review

 So you are looking for a new way to carry your fly rods? Well the Ultimate Rod Case might be the perfect option. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Ultimate Rod Case this Spring. In the past I have had a Titan Rod Vault and Denver Outfitters Rod Vault  but I was looking for something different. I came across the Ultimate Rod Case while surfing on Instagram. I consider myself a bit obsessed with fly fishing gear and I am always looking for the latest and greatest. What intrigued me about the Ultimate Rod Case is that it was made in Colorado and they offered a 4 and 8 rod option. This case also sits much lower on the roof than others and it can be mounted to just about any rack system. I did not like that my previous rod cases only held 3 rods. It always seemed like I would bring two rods fishing and so would my buddies. Because of this we always had to break one rod down. Not a big deal but not ideal.

Ultimate is located in Colorado Springs. I drove down to there and they installed my case for me while I waited. The customer service at Ultimate is top notch. Each installation is custom to each specific vehicle. They went above and beyond to make my buying experience as easy as possible. It is family owned company and they put a ton a pride into their work.

Having had the case now for 4 months and I could’t be happier with it. Everything works like it should and I really don’t have any complaints yet. I am constantly having people stop me and ask me about the case. As a guide I really like how it holds 4 rods and not just 3. It is a little over 10ft long so my 10ft rods fit perfectly.  They offer a few different models including a 9ft and 10ft model as well as a 4 and 8 rod holder. If you are not into fly fishing they offer a case that holds conventional spinning rods as well. Overall I would highly recommend this product. They are local and producing an amazing rod holder.

Check them out here!

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