High Temperatures Along the Front Range

Temperatures along Colorado’s Front Range are soaring well into the 90s and in some cases into triple digits. This is 100% having an affect on our trout population in our local streams and rivers, in particular the South Platte river.

A combination of very low water and hot outside temperatures has the water temperature of the Deckers and Cheesman Canyon stretches of the South Platte reaching 66 degrees Fahrenheit. That is right on the border of where we should not be fishing.

Warmer water contains less oxygen so trout are already stressed. When we hook them and put them through a good fight they have a much tougher recovery ahead of them because of the lack of oxygen in the water.

Please avoid fishing mid-day when the water is at its warmest. Rather, fish Deckers and Cheesman Canyon in the early mornings and late afternoons when the water is colder so we can have a healthy trout population when the flows come back up.

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