Trout Conservation

In an ever-changing world where urban sprawl often takes priority over environmental and wildlife habitat, it’s refreshing to see the great work that Trout Unlimited is accomplishing.

The Lahontan Cutthroat’s population is rebounding due to conservation efforts

TU has been given a three year grant from NASA– yep, our very own National Aeronautics and Space Administration– to help fund trout conservation.

With this partnership, the Lahontan Cutthroat was chosen as the first conservation project. Along with funding, NASA has provided space monitored data which has helped researchers study snowpack, stream vegetation, and fire occurrence in relation to the cutthroat’s habitat. All of which have proven invaluable to helping develop new conservation methods that have helped grow the rare cutthroat species’ numbers.

Stories like this give us all hope that conservation efforts in the future for Lahontans, as well as many other different types of species, can produce positive results in the growth of endangered species.

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