Understanding Redds and Trout Spawning

recognizing a Redd is half of the battle

Whether you’re new to fly fishing or a seasoned veteran it’s important to know what a Redd is in the river. Redds serve an extremely useful purpose– they are spawning beds for trout. In otherwords, the hanky panky us humans get down on in the buy augmentin bedroom is the Redd that trout use for their reproduction. A Redd is a trout spawning bed in the river that is characterized by it’s clean, bright gravel that is typically in an oval shape. Often times a Redd can be seen easily in clean water because the color of it is going to be in stark contrast to it’s surrounding riverbed.

Simply put, the trout that are spawning over their Redds today are going to be the trout we see next year.

Trout that are paired up over a Redd, or trout that are 5-10 feet down river of the Redd should never be fished to because these are the trout that are actively spawning.

Trout that are paired up over a Redd are actively spawning and should never be fished to.

Fly fishing for trout during the spawning season (Rainbows and Cutthroat spawn during the Spring while Browns spawn during the Fall) can be incredibly productive but we must do it in an ethical manner. For the sake of the river and natural reproduction, please avoid fishing to trout on Redds and also be mindful of wading across the river during spawning season. Wading directly upriver of a Redd will throw a lot of sediment into the water and trout need the water to be crystal clean for the eggs to be fully fertilized. And walking over a Redd will, as you can imagine, cause a lot of damage.

If you see an angler fishing to trout over a Redd do not go up to them in anger in a confrontational manner. Chances are that the person simply does not know any better. Explain to them what a Redd is and how vital the spawning process is to the eco-system. Educating an angler goes a lot farther than yelling does.

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