Tying The Montana Mouthwash streamer

Pro-Staff guide, Travis Jones, is back at it again tying the Montana Mouthwash streamer designed by Kris Keller here.

This fly is one of my favorite streamer patterns and is extremely effective on spawning rainbows and big meat eating brown trout.


Material list:

  • Hook: moonlight 3xl #2 streamer
  • 10/0 Vevus black thread
  • .25 lead-free wire
  • Lead barbell eyes
  • Black maribou
  • Olive green maribou
  • Crystal flash
  • Olive Green shlapin
  • Black and Green cactus chenille
  • Olive green bunny brush by MFC
  • Barred rubber legs of your choice



  1. Start your thread about an eye length behind the eye of the hook.
  2. make a few threads wraps before clipping off the tag end.
  3. take the barbell eyes and tie them to the top of the hook using a crisscross or figure eight pattern.
  4. For a little extra weight, I apply a few wraps of .25 lead-free wire behind the eyes.
  5. Wrap over the wire with your thread a few times to lock it down and keep it from moving.
  6. Advance your thread rearward on the hook, until you’re just above the point of the hook.
  7. Grab one strand of your olive green maribou and measure out your tail. 1 hook shank in length.
  8. Transfer the measurement to your tie in point and secure with two or three tight thread wraps.
  9. Using one strand of pearl crystal flash, double it over and then tie in on the side facing you. Make sure to measure it so that it matches up with the length of your tail.
  10. Pull the other end of the crystal flash along the far side of the fly and tie it in moving the thread back toward the tail.
  11. Measure and tie in your black maribou so that it lays on top of the olive and is the same length of the tail.
  12. Prepare and tie in one olive Shlapin feather by the tip at the rear of the fly.
  13. Tie in the black and green cactus chenille at the rear of the fly.
  14. Advance your thread to just behind the eyes.
  15. Wrap the cactus chenille forward to behind the eyes, tie off with two tight wraps of thread and trim excess.
  16. Palmer the Shlapin feather forward over the chenille and tie off just behind the eyes. Trim out the extra.
  17. Take two barred rubber legs and tie them in right behind the eyes, using the same method as used to tie in the crystal flash.
  18. Tie in the Bunny Brush, make wrap behind the eyes, then figure eight brush forward around the eyes ending in front of the eyes.
  19. Make tight thread wraps to secure the bunny brush, trim out extra and then whip finish.
  20. Head cement your wraps, and comb the brush backward to expose the eyes.

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