Tying Jones’ Tube Midge

Travis Jones, senior guide with The Flyfisher Guide Service, is at it again with his version of the Tube Midge. Tying the Tube Midge is a relatively simple pattern to learn but it’s results on the river are second to none.

The Tube Midge can be fished as both a midge larva and an emerging midge pupa. It is particularly deadly on three sections of the South Platte river: the Dream Stream, Cheesman Canyon, and Deckers. And the great news is that this pattern is effective year-round as midges hatch all 12 months of the year here in Colorado.

The Tube Midge’s Recipe:

  • Hook: #135 Dairiki
  • Thread: 16/0 white vevus
  • Bead: Tyers bead midge black
  • Body: UTC clear vinyl midge rib
  • Ribbing: UTC ultra wire small red

Good luck out there and happy tying!

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