Reviewing Orvis’ Helios Fly Rod

The Helios 3F is as good as they get

The Helios is Orvis’ flagship rod known for its excellent craftsmanship, delicate presentations, and spot-on accurate casts. In late 2017 Orvis debuted their upgraded models, the Helios 3D and the Helios 3F. The Helios 3D model is for distance, which as the name would imply, is meant for casting longer distances on large rivers like the Colorado or Gunnison or fishing out on salt water flats where a 100-foot cast is absolutely necessary. The Helios 3F model is for finesse and short distance presentations.

We had the opportunity to fish with the 3F (5-weight 9’) model over the past three weeks and took it to the Eagle, 11 Mile Canyon, Deckers, and the Arkansas tail water in Pueblo and the results were unmistakable. The Helios 3F is outstanding! Orvis certainly hit a homerun with this rod so we feel very comfortable in saying that the Helios 3F will work great on any river or lake in Colorado.

What makes this rod so special is that it is a great all-around rod that has the power to cast large articulated streamers but is also very light weight (a whopping 3.75 ounces) and delicate which allows the angler the ability to give great dead-drift presentations when nymphing with a strike indicator. What really made all of us fall in love the Helios 3F was when we were fishing with dry flies on the Arkansas tail water in Pueblo. It’s a fast action rod but has great feel to it and is extremely accurate. I was using my standard reel and line, a Ross Evolution LT with Rio’s InTouch Perception fly line, and the ease and accuracy of casting a size #20 BWO anywhere between 15-40 feet was truly remarkable. Not only was it amazingly easy to give an accurate 40-foot cast but it’s ability to give a 40-foot roll cast was equally impressive!

The only drawback I can think of was its white labeling above the cork grip. It’s the not most aesthetically pleasing feature I’ve seen before, but hey, if that’s the only negative then the rod must be pretty darn good.

The rod is selling at $849 and has Orvis’ standard 25 warranty. We highly recommending trying one of these bad boys out!


Not to turn this into a promotional article for the Helios 3 but Orvis just came out with this video and it’s too good not to share! Enjoy.

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