Fly Fishing the Denver South Platte

Denver Trout Unlimited (TU), Mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado Troutbums all teamed together to show off the Denver South Platte river and what a great fly fishing and kayaking destination this place can be.

For those that do not know the Denver South Platte, also commonly referred to as the DSP, it is one helluva a fishery! Smallies, carp, brown and rainbow trout alike can all be caught within a 50  foot section of river on any given day here.

Mayor, meet a DSP rainbow.

But as you can imagine there are more than a few hurdles to deal with to turn the DSP into a world-class fishery that much of Colorado is known for. Namely: water pollution, high water temperatures, trash and refuse along the river banks, and so on.

But with sustained efforts from the Denver chapter of TU, private citizens, and enthusiastic anglers there has been a substantial restoration to the river.

There is still much work to be done but with the continued work of TU, city officials, and anglers across the metro area we may find the DSP to be one of Colorado’s fly fishing gems.




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