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There is nothing like being on the river, or on the boat with your four-legged best friend! A good fishing dog can bring a smile to your face, even while fishing is slow & tough. It must not be a coincidence that avid steelhead fishermen seem to always be fishing with their dog?

The author's favorite fishing dog
The author’s favorite fishing dog

Or, if you like to mix it up, you can always try float fishing with your 12 gauge shotgun and Fido while trying to smack some waterfowl outta the sky and stripping rodent sized streamers for angry brown trout! Or bring your pup out on a Colorado grouse hunt as you hike to a mountain lake.

When fishing the high country lakes & streams, a good dog with a pack can help you pack in added supplies like medical kits, water, extra fishing gear, food and even a safety blanket. So if your fishing trips have felt at all lonely lately, try putting a puppy under the Christmas tree this year!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happily Holidays,

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4 thoughts on “Fishing Dog with a Blog”

  1. Fishing sometimes is boring, especially if you need to wait for the fish to bite your bait. However, having a good fishing dog can truly bring a smile on your face. You can enjoy fishing, and you can also make another memories outdoor together with your loving friend.

  2. Yep indeed John! Fishing can sometimes be boring, but there is nothing like spending time outdoors & on the water with your best friend. Thanks for the post John!

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