Orvis Toothy Critter Knot

We posted this fly fishing video to our facebook page earlier this week and thought it was worth archiving on this page as well. In this video Pete Kutzer from The Orvis Company show us how to attached bite tippet to class tippet with quick and easy knot. After watching this short video the only difference between this knot and a uni-knot is the size. The knot tied here keeps a slightly smaller profile than a uni-knot. Because the stiffness of bite tippet or shock tippet can be difficult to work with, the double overhand knot allows you to make a good connection without the bulk. This knot is an excellent way to connect wire tippet (toothy critter tippet) to your class leader. Give it a shot next time you are hunting Freshwater fish like Pike and Muskie or Saltwater swimmers like Sharks and Cudas.

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