The Everlasting Autumn: Colorado Fly Fishing

If you are anxiously waiting for old man winter to show up you might as well do it on the river. Fly Fishing throughout Colorado has been terrific and so has the weather. I know a lot of people are bummed that the white stuff has not fallen yet, especially the 20 something with rings in his nose at the local coffee shop. But, for now take advantage of the warmer temps and get outside. Because you know in 2 months you are going to be wishing for these temps.


As far as the fishing goes, it is some of the best all year. Your window of fishing opportunity is a little shorter and the bugs are a bit smaller so take that into consideration when venturing to the water. I have been finding that the magic hour on the water is between 11am – 2pm. A lot of fish on the surface eating midges giving us some dry fly opportunities but if you want to consistently bend the stick throw a light nymph rig with a black or chocolate midge larvae. If you want a frustrating challenge throw tiny dries. The egg bite has picked up, especially on the Upper Colorado. The water is super low so if you are floating be prepared to rub some rocks. I would recommend a raft. With the water levels so low it is easy to find deeper buckets, find those deeper buckets and you’ll find a trout or two. The Rainbows are eating the pink and yellow marbles (beads) that are getting fished along the bottom but as the day progresses fish are keying in on smaller BWO imitations. The streamer bite on the Fork has been HAUT….from what I have been told. We are doing a trip there tomorrow so I will report back with the intel. Regardless of where you are fishing have fun and stick a few before the slopes steal your weekend.

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  1. My yellow lab and I had a great day yesterday–Sunday 11/13–on Clear Creek in Golden. Between 11 and noon a dry-dropper combination resulted in 4 Brown’s that were taking a #18 pheasant tail bead head below a #12 yellow stimulator. Some looks at the stimulator but nothing to hand. Between noon and 1 pm, the fish were rising and I switched to a #14 Yellow Sally and caught two Browns right at the Washington Street bridge with a gallery watching from the bridge. Then it was time for a beer at the Golden Hotel. Fall fishing in Colorado is the best!

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