Tacky Fly FishingTube

The Tacky Fishing Fishing Tube is something that I had no idea what to do with until I watched this video.  Cody DeGuelle handed me this small fly carrying device to try out and to be honest it sat in my truck for a few weeks before I opened it.

The Tacky Tube is designed to cary a couple dozen flies at a time and can be attached to a lanyard, vest or pack. The simple design allows you to secure flies easily while providing quick access. You can read all the specs on the Tacky Tube on their website but here are a few of the highlights I like about the Tacky Tube.

Simple- I am always trying to carry less when I am on the water (except when I am guiding, then I bring the kitchen sink). The Tacky Tube is great for carrying a couple dozen flies for a short dry fly session in the evening. Or maybe a quick streamer run down the river during your lunch break.

Air Flow – The circular design allows air to flow through the Tacky Tube keeping your flies dry. This is a cool concept which can help keep rust of your bugs.

Easy to Attach – You can quickly throw this tube in your pocket or attach it to a lanyard before you head to the water. The strong magnets keep the tube latched so you do not have to worry about it opening. It also has two magnets inside to tube to catch flies should you drop them.

This is an excellent design for anglers who like to minimize their fly box and keep things simple. Check out the Tacky Tube and other fly boxes next time your are in your local fly shop, they are coming out with quality products.

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