Pat’s Rubber Leg: All Hail

If you were to walk into a fly shop and had to pick a Stonefly Fly Pattern there are multiple bins of them to choose from. A lot of them are flashy, heavy and in multiple colors. Then there is a Pat’s Rubber Leg, which looks like a cat dropping. Although the flash and bang of other patterns certainly catch your eye, the simple wrap of a Pats Rubber Leg catches fish, and a lot of them. This is fly pattern is not only excellent in the spring and well into summer it tends to work all year long. Sure during the winter months the Pats Rubber Leg may get ignored but do not be surprised if you pull one out of a fishes mouth time to time.


The Pats Rubber Leg is a fly that you can tie at home or simply buy (support your local fly shop). Regardless of how you acquire them be sure to have at least one side of your fly box devoted to them. Black, Olive, Orange, Brown & Tan be sure to have all of them. The weight, the size and colors are all perfect. Even if fish are not keyed in on bigger Stonefly patterns, Pat’s Rubber Leg gets their attention so they see your trailing nymph (nymphing is not a crime). These flies also make excellent dropper pattern during a Salmonfly Hatch or Drake Hatch. Heck we have even trailed a Pats behind and streamer and guess what? It caught fish. So regardless of how you fish this cat poop looking fly be sure to give a tip of the hat to the man who created it, Pat Bennett, because he deserves it.

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