Colorado Fall Fishing

Our nights have cooled off, the Aspens are beginning to turn and the Elk are starting to bugle. Fall is in the air and it is certainly one of our favorite times of year. September marks the end of summer here in the Mountains and a lot of outdoorsman wish this month was 30 days longer. The hunting and fish opportunities are endless so it makes it difficult to choose how you are going to spend your free time. For me I focus a little more on chasing ungulates through the mountains and a little less time on the river. But, for the last few days I hung up the bow for the fly rod and launched the Drift Boat into the Colorado River for an evening float. The wind was howling and it felt more like a lake than a river for the first 45 minutes. The hull slapped the water as we oared forward into the gusts trying to gain distance before we lost sunlight. Finally as the sun dipped behind the mountains the wind died and the fishing picked up. We threw Hoppers along the grassy banks with very little action until a Rainbow decide to smash the foam imitation off the surface just as it landed. It was the only fish that was willing to commit on top so we switched rods and moved bright white streamers for the remainder of the trip.

Underwater Rainbow Trout

The streamer bite was hot all the way to the take out and while we tried black, olive and yellow streamer patterns, white out fished them all. Like most streamer fishing outings we missed/turned more trout than we landed but watching the flash and chase is just as exciting as hooking up. The fish we did land were all Brown Trout and they are starting to show their fall spawning colors. Their once yellow bodies are turning a dark bronze and the tips of their fins a dark gray. We ended the evening with our head lamps on and a celebratory sip of Rye. Wishing you all a successful September.

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