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For the angler on a budget who is not willing to compromise or sacrifice quality on the water, be sure to check out 3-Tand Fly Reels. From light line reels to blue water big game set ups, 3-Tand has you covered. We tested the TF-70 Crossover fly reels for a six weight line while fishing in the California surf for Corbina. Fly-fishing the surf can put fly reels to the test like no other situation on the water. The crashing waves are sure to get some corrosive salt in your fly reel and while fishing the beach it is nearly impossible to avoid confrontations with sand! Not to mention that stopping a 5-pound Corbina in the waves will put even the best and smoothest drag systems to the test!

3-tans fly reel
3-Tand’s TF-70 will get the job done no matter what the situation calls for!

We are pleased to report that our TF-70 got the job done in even the toughest of conditions. The TF-70 brings a whole new definition to the term, “Crossover Reel”. Awarded the New Product showcase, “Best of Show” at ICAST 2014, this reel earned its hardware and proved it was designed to take on the salt, fresh, single-hand and two-handed sticks.  The TF-70 has the line capacity to handle 6-8 Weight lines.

fly fishing the surf
Fly fishing the surf will put your equipment to the test and 3-Tand fly reels are more than up to the task!

At 4.6oz this is one of the lightest 8-weight reels available at your local fly shop. Perfect for stalking picky Bonefish or Carp, stripping big streamers for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Pike and Bass or hitting the salt for Redfish or Baby Tarpon.  The TF-70 is machined from solid bar stock aluminum and a carries 3-Tand’s Nano CF Drag™. The TF-70 delivers 7lbs of stopping power and will smoothly stop runs from even the toughest fighting of fish. Check out the specs on this amazing fly reel:

Weights 6-8

Line Capacity
WF6F 200/20lb Dacron
WF7F 175/20lb Dacron
WF8F 150/20lb Dacron

Weight 4.6 oz.

Spool Size 3.75″ X 0.98″

Drag Technology Nano CF Drag™ Disc

MSRP $209.95

Extra Spool $124.95

If you are looking for a top quality fly reel that won’t break the piggy bank, head to your local fly shop today or visit www.3-tand.com for more information.

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