YETI Soft Sided Cooler: Hopper

I wrote about the YETI Hopper soft sided cooler a while back about the zipper breaking. Of course I was disappointed with this happening shortly after purchasing the cooler but I was very impressed with the customer service at YETI. They replaced the cooler with no hesitations and within a week of speaking with a friendly representativeĀ I had a new Hopper on my doorstep.



I chose to go with the fieldĀ tan/blaze orange color and while it certainly seems like the same cooler I had first purchased the zipper seems to have been improved. The air lock zipper system opens/ closes with ease and tight opening feels a bit larger than the my first cooler. While it doesn’t hold ice as well as a YETI Tundra it keeps your beverages cold for extended periods of time. Once the ice melts the water stays extremely cold and while this is great for canned beverages it is terrible for food. I highly recommend double wrapping food in a ziplock bag or tupperware if you plan on keeping sandwiches/crackers/snacks in the YETI Hopper. The upside is that the cooler is very light compared to the Tundra Series making the Hopper Idea for Drift Boats and Rafts. For this reason the YETI Hopper has become a staple for me when I am doing day trips down the river. Although my first experience with these soft sided coolers was negative I would still recommend the YETI Hopper to anyone who is looking to lighten their load and downsize to a smaller easily portable cooler. Especially after a excellent customer service experience with YETI Coolers.

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