Bead Head Jig Nymphs: Euro Flies

Sounds like I might be new to the game with these jig head fly patterns but then again maybe you Soft-Hackle-Pheasant-Tail-jig-orvis-tactical-seriesare too or maybe you haven’t heard of them and are wondering what I am writing about. Either way, if you employ these flies under a Bobber or Hopper you already know these jig head nymph patterns are a making a splash in the nymphing world. In August water levels become very low allowing the pesky green algae to flourish on many of our Colorado Rivers. Checking your files constantly becomes the norm and you often see anglers doing the Texas swing with their nymph rig trying to remove salad from their flies. While Jig Head Nymph patters do not solve this problem completely I have found that these flies help tremendously when fishing in mossy water. Lately I have been rowing a boat down the Colorado River with anglers that can barely get a cast past the oar blade so the majority of the time we are staring at the indicator waiting for a sudden strike. If you have been on the Upper C lately you know that the bottom is bright green with algae and more times than not your flies come off the bottom looking like a garden troll. Even Dry Dropper Rigs are coming up with a swamp thing attached to the bend of a hook. Oh August how you can be frustrating.


There have been some spinners coming off early in the morning and I found a fly that looks very similar to them in the shop, its called the Assassin Soft Hackle (not pictured). This bug has been my go to lead nymph for the last 10 days and I have decreased my green algae hook ups significantly. Even when thrown dry dropper in skinny water. The benefit of these flies is that the hook shank ride up instead of down allowing it to travel better over rocks. Of course my trailing fly has been getting some slime but that usually comes off after a cast or two.  I have since then been cramming these sparsely tied soft hackle flies into my boat bag and excited to fish them. Euro Trash is what my fellow anglers call them, call them what you will, as long as they keep putting c-notes into my pocket I don’t care what they say.

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