Winston’s Boron III LS – The Advanced Light Line Advantage

People from other states seem to believe that Colorado’s Rocky Mountains stay as cool as a cold original Coors all summer. Not true, as it is going to be a high of 93 degrees today in the hot and dry city of Denver! Sometimes, summer fishing in Colorado means getting up to the high country and out of the heat!

fly fish rocky mountain national park
Rocky Mountain National Park holds a lifetime of angling opportunities…

Fishing high country streams is a lot of fun, but you will need some specialized gear. Heavy 5 & 6 weight rods are not very enjoyable to fish on skinny creeks and it is difficult if not impossible to make soft and subtle presentations on a 9 foot 6 weight.

Winton Boron III LS
Winton’s Boron III LS

Fortunately, Winston Fly Rods has you covered with the Boron III LS. Winston’s BORON III LS series combines cutting-edge boron technology with the renowned “Winston Feel” to produce the most advanced light line trout rods made. The medium-fast action is lively and responsive, and allows anglers to delicately present flies with pinpoint accuracy. Exceptionally lightweight, these rods offer the touch, feel and control required by small stream and spring creek enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys stalking big fish with small flies while protecting light tippets.

brown trout
Wild brown trout require finesse and delicate presentations to fool…

For “bow & arrow” casts, short presentations or technical “aerial mends” there is no substitute for the tradition and finesse found in Winston trout rods. Whether you are fishing beaver ponds, high country creeks or tough and technical spring creeks, the Boron III LS will provide you with the “touch” you need to fool more fish.

Winston fly rods
The performance of Winston fly rods can only be matched by their beauty & craftsmanship…

Boron III LS Specifications:

  • LINE WEIGHTS: thru 5wt.
  • ACTION: Medium-fast
  • GUIDES: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/ 
chrome plated, light wire snake guides
  • REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with burled wood insert
  • ROD TUBE: Premium graphite rod tube with logo rod sock

Check out the Winston Boron III LS today at your favorite local fly shop. As Winston says, “Walk softly and carry a green stick.”

Tight Lines,

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