Tying the Clouser Minnow

At many of our fly tying classes, students are eager to learn how to tie “streamers” or “warm water” fly patterns. These “big bugs” are certainly fun to tie, but at first the task can be daunting due to bigger materials. However, don’t fret as tying “big bugs” really is fun and easy. To start off with, try learning the Clouser Minnow, as the “Clouser” will catch anything from trout to tarpon! The Clouser is without a doubt one of the best minnow imitations an angler can have in their arsenal and is durable and easy to tie:

“The Clouser Minnow”

Clouser Minnow
Rabbit Strip Clouser Minnow, a great Warm Water or Surf fly…

Hook: Any streamer hook will do, but we prefer a saltwater hook like a Tiemco 811S or Gamakatsu Bonefish. For starters try tying on hook sizes #2-#6.

Eyes: Dumbbell or Bead Chain eyes

Thread: Any color you desire in 6/0 Uni-Thread

Over-wing: white buck tail

Under-wing: chartreuse buck tail or desired color

Flash: 6 strands of Krystal Flash

Clouser Minnow
The Bead Chain Eye Clouser is perfect for soft presentations…

Tying Instructions:

Step 1: Insert hook into vise. For tying on the eyes use a strong thread such as Mono-Cord or White Gel Spun to keep the eyes from moving. To keep the thread base from moving, coat the hook shank with Hard As Hull head cement before wrapping your thread.

Step 2: In the middle of the hook shank tie on your eyes by figure eight wrapping them to the shank, then do a couple of wraps around the base of the eyes to secure them. Apply Hard As Hull head cement to the wraps to secure them.

Step 3: Grab a sparse clump of white buck tail and tie down the cut ends to behind the eye of the hook. Wrap your threads back to behind the eyes and secure the rest of the buck tail.

Step 4: Invert the hook in the vise. Advance your thread back to the nose of the fly. Fold 6 strands of Krystal Flash around your thread and tie them in. Spread the Krystal flash so it disperses evenly around the point of the hook. Cut the flash evenly so it extends just beyond the buck tail.

Step 5: Grab a slightly larger clump of buck tail of your desired color and tie the cut ends to the nose of the fly. Disperse the buck tail evenly around the point of the hook and tie down securely.

Step 6: Build a smooth thread head on the nose of the fly. Finish the fly by a whip finish and apply Hard As Hull head cement.

Now get out and catch some fish with your very own Clouser Minnows! There are many variations to the Clouser Minnow so feel free to experiment and tie your flies to match natural baits found in your fishery. For more information on fly tying classes and lessons, please visit: http://www.anglinguniversity.com

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