Colorado River: Summer Fishing Conditions

We have been spending a lot of time on the the water this summer and one river that has impressed me with fish is the Colorado River from Pump House to Two Bridges. The size and quantity of fish in this stretch has been much different that I am used to. When I first started guiding this river roughly 10 years ago ( i cant believe its been 10 years) we would catch a lot of fish in the 12-16 inch range. Bigger fish were landed occasionally but the majority in the net were smaller brown trout. This year it is like a switch went off and all those fish that we were catching 10 years ago are now much larger and more abundant. Earlier in the year the CP&W designated this 24 mile stretch of the Colorado River as Gold Medal Water and after seeing the quality and quantity of fish being put into the net it is apparent why.

Colorado River Brown Trout

The insect activity has been excellent on the the Colorado River and We have been seeing Golden Stones, PMDs, Caddis, Red Quills, Green Drakes and Tricos on the surface. Until the recent decrease in water flows we have been catching the majority of fish on Flash Back PMD’s, BH Golden Stones and Streamers in deeper seams along the banks. But, after losing nearly 500 cfs of water flow the fish have keyed in on sunken Trico Spinners and have moved to faster oxygenated water. The green algae has become and issue when nymphing so be sure to check your flies after making a couple drifts.

Colorado River Brown Trout Pump House

It is nice to see people enjoying the Colorado River but the weekends from Pump House to State Bridge is an absolute zoo. If you plan on fishing/ floating this section of river I highly recommend getting to the boat ramp early to avoid all the fun float traffic on the river.

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