Colorado Fly Tying: Denver Carp Candy

Last week, we discussed fly-fishing for Carp along Downtown Denver’s Dirty South Platte. Hopefully, since then you have a had a chance to hit the river or local ponds in pursuit of the “Rocky Mountain Bonefish.” However, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to carp fishing or a seasoned veteran, we are sure that you will agree the common carp is no pushover! Simply put, there are very few fish that will test your patience and sanity like fly fishing for carp, they are picky eaters!

If the carp are giving you a tight lip then maybe it is time to hit the vise and get away from all the “book recommended” fly patterns like Prince Nymphs and Wooly Buggers. Many of the best carp flies are actually “Bonefish” style flats flies tied in more drab colors to imitate some of the common carp’s favorite foods like crayfish and leeches.

So this week we are pulling out one of our guide flies to share with you and we like to call it “Denver Carp Candy!”

Carp Fly
The “Denver Carp Candy” fools its fair share of “Rocky Mountain Bonefish”

The Denver Carp Candy is tied in a similar fashion to many popular Bonefish patterns like “Gotchas” & “Crazy Charlie’s”

The fly is tied with lead eyes and designed to invert in the water in order to keep your hook from snagging on the bottom. It is best fished on an extremely slow strip and with longer 9 foot plus leaders tapered to 2x-3x tippets.

The Denver Carp Candy is a great crayfish and leech imitation and has fooled its fair share of carp from the dirty South Platte. Our most popular color variation is orange, however in murky water we like to add a little chartreuse to the pattern.

“Denver Carp Candy”

Hook: Any “Bonefish style hook” will do in hook size 6

Eyes: Lead Eyes, gold or silver

Thread: 6/0 Uni-Thread

Body: Micro Tubing or any drab colored Bonefish braid

Tail: Chartreuse or Orange barred rabbit fur

Wing: Orange barred rabbit fur

Legs: Pink Crazy Legs

Micro legs: Barred “Tarantula” legs

Tight Lines,

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